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I heard these lines from my therapist this week, and it made such an impact that I wanted to share it.

The space that exists between where you are now, and where you expect to be, is the very place that holds ALL of your suffering!

If you were to envision this, you'd draw a horizontal line across your page, mid way down, to represent where you are now. Then, you'd draw another line up higher, to represent your expectations and where you'd like to be. The entire space in between, represents the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Anytime, we extend energy on what can be, or what is not, it creates friction inside of us, and may lead to ongoing suffering, competition, and a lack mentality.

Of course, many of you would say that we need drive, goals, and intentions, in order to move forward and expand. I'd agree with that. But...when we put all of our focus and energy into creating more and becoming better, it often leads us to constant yearning, longing, and dissatisfaction.

It's a very fine balance between envisioning and creating intentions, and then letting go and surrender. Much of the law of attraction work is about feeling as if what we want is already here. Again, I think that's terrific, but...

we MUST then get back to being in the present moment, and learning to find gratitude and even contentment for what is.

Until we can feel happy with what we have, NO-THING else will arrive. It's the very act of gratitude, and the feelings of joy and satisfaction that more easily attract better and bigger things.

So, the next time you find yourself suffering because your life doesn't look the way you wanted, or you see others living a life that makes you envious, take a DEEP breath and stop yourself. Catch the very thoughts that created your unhappiness, and work backwards.

Begin to tell yourself a different story.

Remind yourself that you will never get it all done, and that in reality, there is no destination. Commit to finding quiet presence in what is, even if what is, isn't your ideal.

The glass is always half empty or half full. Can you begin seeing it as half full? Can you look at your obstacles as great opportunities to learn more, and are you able to stop the perpetual hamster wheel mentality, and just be here now?

I know for me, the more I am able to do this, the better life gets. And contrary to what we think will happen, the less we push, strive, and struggle, the easier things become.

Love, Jay

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