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In this Breathwork healer training you will learn everything that you need to begin sharing this life-changing healing modality with friends and clients along with expanding your own practice.


  • Learn various styles of Breathing and why this 3-part Breath is the most powerful


  • Find out about insurance, contraindications, legalities, and waivers


  • Educate yourself on possible side effects and how to deal with them


  • Learn the basics of both a private and group session


  • Discover the importance of “making it your own” and using your unique gifts


  • What is Ho’Oponopono and how to combine it with Breathwork?


  • Gain knowledge about the Chakras and how Breathwork can align them


  • Thorough practice in partnered exercises to gain confidence


  • Experience powerful shifts during a Breathwork session with partner


  • Find out what other tools will make your sessions more powerful


  • Learn the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of BreathWork


  • How to run successful virtual and in-person sessions

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a diploma of completion for the Introductory level from BreatheOnIt®



For those who have already completed the Introduction to Breathwork Healer Training, this is the ideal follow-up to take your Breathwork experience to a whole new level.
This training will help you gain even more confidence as a healer and further your own spiritual journey.

We will be covering very specific topics, and combining writing and breathing so that we can blast through any remaining resistance, blocks, fears, traumas, and heavy emotion, allowing you to finally get on to living your best life. Specific topics covered will be:

  • Money/abundance, self-love/worth, purpose, inner-child, Chakras

  • 5-year vision of where you’d like your life to be.

  • Learn more details about how to intensify the Breath in order to move through blocks

  • Answer all of your burning questions that have come up since the Introduction training

  • Emotional and spiritual acupressure points

  • Hands-on practice using your own unique healing modalities and learn to tie them into your Breathwork teaching

  • Learn about the power of using symbols, photos, and personal items to deepen your client’s sessions

  • Discover the power of setting clear intentions combined with journaling and breathing

  • Heal ancestral traumas 

  • Practice "energy release" sessions with a partner

Have you had a Breathwork experience that totally changed your life or perhaps you’ve heard about this growing healing practice and you’d like to add it to your list of modalities?
Whatever the case, Breathwork and Breathing practices will be the leading form of personal and spiritual growth over the upcoming years, possibly surpassing yoga and meditation.
This is your opportunity to learn more, whether you’re looking to expand your own healing practice with clients or simply open to your own individual expansion.



At the end of the course, you’ll receive a diploma of completion for the Advanced level from BreatheOnIt®

How long does the training last?

IN PERSON (group) - Two full days

ONLINE - 14 Hours (divided into 6 Sessions)

How long does the training last?

IN PERSON (group) - Two and a half days

ONLINE - 20 Hours (divided into 5 Sessions)

What's the investment?

What's the investment?

Jay’s warmth and openness create such an amazing space for healing. His Breathwork
training helped me to go deeper personally and offered an expansiveness to how else I
may want to help others. I can’t express how grateful I am for Jay.

Veronica – Actor/Healer

USD 999  (last training on this price!)

USD 1695 (private)

*Currently only online

Training is done via ZOOM from the comfort of your home. 


USD 995 (group)

USD 1299 (private)


The training includes:

* Full Set of 7 Chakra Balms® (Value USD 111)

* Silk BreatheOnIt® Eye Mask
* Palo Santo

USA Shipping is Included. International Shipping is Additional

*Currently only online

Training is done via ZOOM from the comfort of your home. 



Kathleen - Stylist

"Jay you’re a gifted healer, wonderful space holder, and deep listener. I know you
are already helping so many on their paths back to their radiant selves.

So grateful for you!"

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