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Hi! I'm Jay Bradley, a Breathwork Healer & Teacher, founder of BreatheOnIt® and the Creator of the Chakra Balms®.


I've been on a healing journey for over 30 years. I've tried many healing modalities but no other has impacted me and healed me like breathwork.

And that's the reason why I turned breathwork into my life's purpose. My mission is to help fellow humans become permanently shifted and enjoy life to the fullest!


"Breathwork has changed my life in so many positive ways, so it made perfect sense to work with Jay to deepen my understanding and learn how to share this work with my clients. Jay is an awesome teacher, he is so skilled, open and kind, which makes it so easy and fun to learn with him. I highly recommend!"

Bea - Edinburgh/UK

"Jay's approach to teaching and the way he holds space makes learning magic. My self-confidence as a healer skyrocketed in the 6 weeks I spent in Jay's class. The self-doubt and questioning has lifted since being in his course. Jay's ability to make everyone seen and heard as well as feel safe to share and practice was exactly what I look for in a teacher. Thank you Jay for all that you are!"

Carlene - California/US


  • Aspiring healers who have the intention to incorporate Breathwork as their main healing modality or in their existing services

  • Experienced healers who would like to add Breathwork to their existing offerings  

  • Coaches and entrepreneurs in the field of self-growth, wellness, fitness, positive mindset, emotional and mental wellbeing

  • Anyone who would like to delve deeper into the practice of Breathwork and learn how to build a consistent and effective self-practice

Upon completion of this training, you will receive a certificate and be fully equipped to start empowering yourself and your clients through the power of BREATHWORK.




Enrollment open

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"After experiencing a Breathwork session while at a retreat, I knew I had to learn more about it
so that I could go deeper myself and bring this into my practice. And then Jay showed up!

Jaybrings a sense of ease and is the perfect combination of healer and teacher"

Teresa - Alberta/CA 

"I can truly say that this training has changed my life in so many ways. Jay is such a special person - so skilled and passionate about what he does, and incredibly sincere and loving towards everyone that he serves. I learned so much, did so many practice sessions, and had all my questions answered so that at the end of the training I feel ready to add this modality to my business. I ended up with not only a new skill, but also a close group of fellow practitioners and an amazing mentor in Jay. I highly recommend this program and I can't wait to take the Advanced training!"

Stephanie - Dallas/TX

The world needs your unique and healing gifts more than ever before. 


It's time to step into your power and release the healer in you!


This training will not only give you the tools and the knowledge, but the confidence you need to go out into the world and spread the power of Breathwork. You will gain hours of actual hands-on practice! 


A 6-Week Virtual Healer Training that will take you on a deep Breathwork journey like you’ve never experienced before. 

In this Breathwork Healer Training you will learn everything that you need to begin sharing this life-changing healing modality with friends and clients along with expanding your own practice:


  • Set goals and discuss your vision of how Breathwork can help you

  • Customize Breathwork to you and your unique gifts

  • Understand how Breathwork combines with other modalities

  • Origin of the Breathwork practices

  • Physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Breathwork

  • Various styles of Breathwork

  • The structure of a Breathwork session (both online and in-person)

  • Contraindications / side effects

  • Tools to run a successful Breathwork session

  • Suggested reading material

  • Practice session using the 3-part circular breath

Canva - Sunset Landscape.jpg
  • A guided Breathwork session with Jay

Canva - Sunset and Ocean.jpg
  • Strategies and tools to help a client relax

  • Hands-on healing during breathwork

  • Learn about sounds and relaxation tools for your sessions

  • Prompts to run a powerful session

  • Guidelines for group & private session

  • Learn the "Energy Release" session ( powerful! )

Canva - Sea Waves Under Sunset.jpg
  • Watch a live energy release session by Jay

  • Ho'oponopono combined with Breathwork

  • Breathwork & the 7 Chakras (energy points)

  • Frequenty asked questions

  • Insurance, waivers and more

  • Practice sessions on your own before class 6

Canva - Sunset Landscape.jpg
  • Decompression, follow up from your sessions, Q&A

  • Receive your certificate 

Jay discovery call (2).png

"I wanted a teacher that made me feel free to integrate my own experience, my own beliefs,
and encouraged an intuitive approach. It was clear to me upon first meeting Jay that he
embodied all of the aspects of a teacher and mentor most important to me."

Sarah - New York / US

"Jay is a masterful Breathwork facilitator and healer. The space he holds for his clients and students in Breathwork sessions/ trainings is unparalleled and mesmerizing. Since taking his Breathwork Healer Training, I have gained a deeper sense of connection to my body and my intuition. Thank you Jay for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and compassion with me, I am honored to call you my teacher."
Gustavo - Texas / US

"Working with Jay has by far been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my professional career. 

The confidence I gained on his training programme is solely down to his skill, knowledge, and communication ability.

He had an amazing way to simplify the breath journey, and structure the programme in a way that even made the “homework” fun, exciting, and accessible. I felt supported and empowered throughout the training.

Since finishing the programme, I have had the pleasure of taking many men (I’m a men’s coach) through some powerful healing sessions, and this is all down to Jay and BreatheOnIt.

I can’t wait to take the advanced."
Mason Roberts - UK


As we begin this Breathwork journey, you’ll receive tools to help you along the way.



  • 2-hour Online Masterclass with Melissa Rebronja – "How to be trauma informed as a Breathwork practitioner"

  • Full Set of 7 Chakra Balms® (Value USD 125)

  • Silk BreatheOnIt® Eye Mask

  • Palo Santo​


USA Shipping is Included. International Shipping is Additional


  • Have the Zoom app set up on your computer

  • Commitment to complete the sessions and assignments


Enrollment open

“I completed Jay’s Breathwork Healer Certification and it was absolutely the best decision on
my breathwork journey. I felt called to take a certification course for a while but could not find
one that resonated with me, until I spoke with Jay. As soon as he told me his vision and
intention of the course I knew this was the one. It was informative, experiential, collaborative,
and full of heart. I am so grateful for the lessons and experience from the course and most
importantly, grateful to have Jay as a teacher.

I can’t wait until I take the Advanced training next!”

Jenny - Arizona/US

Jay discovery call (2).png

After practicing regularly for a year, I felt pulled to learn to facilitate Breathwork for my clients.

Learning with Jay was an encouraging, safe and empowering experience. He gave me all the tools and support I needed to give my first Breathwork sessions -- and not only am I having so much fun doing them but the feedback has been amazing. 

I highly recommend training with Jay, he is thorough, supportive and an incredibly encouraging mentor.

Jackie - Canada

I recently completed Jays Breath work Healer training and I am so glad I made the investment to study with Jay. The course is a really good mix of information and practical learning / sharing experiences. Jay guides you every step of they way with lots of knowledge of breath and energy but also such a great understanding of humans and their healing needs. I was given the tools and confidence to dive in to practice sessions very quickly and have gone on to set up my own classes. Jay holds a really powerful learning space and for me personally it really took my own healing to the next level which has been very powerful for me as I finally let go of my imposter syndrome! I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to begin their breathwork healer journey or for healers & therapists looking to take their offerings to the next level! Thank you so much Jay!

Alison Bolton - London UK

Tel: +1 (323) 474-8484

Palm Springs, CA

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