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There is so much discussion in the world of personal growth about our Shadow.

The shadow represents those parts of ourselves that we push away, stuff down, and dislike. Often we try to hide these aspects of our personality from the outside world. The shadow parts usually carry negative emotions such as grief, shame, guilt, or fear.

We ALL have shadow parts.

After working with so many people all over the world, it seems that no matter how successful or grounded, each person carries a story around being unlovable. Many of us hold fears that if people find out about these dark parts, they won't love and accept us, or they'll leave us for good.

But when we can get honest with ourselves, and begin to do the work of not only acknowledging our shadow, but also to make space for acceptance, compassion, and love, then, and only then, can we feel healthier, more balanced, and lovable.

The shadow isn't bad. It simply is. It's a part of us that needs attention. It is calling out to us for nurturing. Like a small child who needs support, our shadow yearns for that too.

You are FULLY lovable my friend. We ALL are!

No matter what lies beneath the surface, no matter what secrets, regrets, fears, addictions or phobias, we can move through it to the other side. And you might be amazed to find out how many people will stick around to love you through it.

Like all shadows, the only way to do this, is with light. Shining a bright light of awareness and gentleness, will shift everything.

You might even find out that the very shadow you feared, IS your superpower that can change the world!

Much love, Jay.


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