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Lately I've been thinking about what it means to fully heal.

First off, the word healing might be misleading. Some say that we actually have nothing to heal. I agree that we are perfect at our core and that healing is simply a remembrance of who we really are. It's the road back to our true selves.

So, the thought that we need to be healed, implies that we are somehow unwell. While our physical and emotional selves may feel unwell at times, as we process challenging life experiences and painful transitions, our spirit knows the truth.

For me, healing represents how well we navigate through the obstacles. To be healed, may refer to the amount of time that we spend in JOY versus FEAR or PEACE versus DISTRESS. The healing journey is finding new ways to process more quickly, so that we can enjoy our life more fully. For those who've struggled a lot, perhaps healing is simply, feeling good more often than we feel bad.

It seems evident that we learn the most, from our painful experiences. We expand, open up, and transform because of our tough passages.

But the truth is, we will NEVER get it all done, just as we will NEVER be fully enlightened.

I see many people who are constantly on their healing journey in quest for more. I am probably one of those people. And while there is nothing wrong with this, I wonder if it would be helpful to simply let go of the notion that we need to reach some type of healing Nirvana.

Can we begin to simply accept that we're good, just as we are?

That being said, accessing healing modalities, books, and teachings to process and bring awareness into our experience, helps us to work on acceptance. Accepting that life can be up and down with good days, and bad. We can even learn to honor that life can be challenging, offer us many lessons, and can sometimes feel boring, lonely, stagnant, and ordinary.

The question is:

Can we be okay with that?

Are we able to welcome the mundane just as much as we embrace the magic?

How do you feel about stopping the search for some impossible ideal that says we should FEEL GREAT all of the time, and that we can constantly be inspired, balanced, joyful and passionate? I think this type of messaging is dangerous to many people.

I am all about seeking help, but the days of the Guru are gone. We can become our own Gurus, truth tellers, and peacemakers. We have it all within us, and sometimes, we just need to allow ourselves to be. Sometimes, it's safe to slow down and accept our humanness.

Go figure!? 😉

Love, Jay

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