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I recall my aunt Ellen lending me a book called Emanuelle's Book when I was 20 years old. I devoured every word and those teachings completely changed my life! I went on to read at least 3 of the channeled series, and they answered so many of my questions about life, living, and the truth of who we really are and why we're here.

I went on to spend the next 30 years reading perhaps a hundred books and listening to various teachers and healers speak about our Spiritual Essence. My favorite author, Wayne Dyer, said "we are Spiritual beings having a Physical experience" when most of us live as if we are Physical Beings having a Spiritual experience.

When we work from the inside out with this truth in mind, we shift our perspective and we begin to find meaning in our painful life experiences, lessons, and challenges, and we're better able to navigate our life. When we can learn that we're energetic beings moving through this lifetime with the main focus to grow, evolve, and view all things through the eyes of love, we start to relax and soften.

It doesn't really matter if you're religious, spiritual or none of the above, it seems that most of us believe there is something bigger than us running the show. I think we've all questioned our very existence at times, looking for reasons why we're here. Some have even had first-hand experience with spirits, guides, and loved ones giving them signs that they are protected, and unconditionally loved.

Regardless of your beliefs or your connection with this source, I feel it's vital to peel back the layers of our physical existence, including our job title, relationship status, race, religion, and painful stories, to go deeper into the stillness that lies in each of us. It's a place that nothing and nobody can take away and we can return here often to be reminded of who we really are.

Even if your life doesn't feel this way, you can find more peace, joy, abundance, and freedom along with whatever else you're searching for...but it can only be found when we reconnect with this authentic space that has no physical description except to be called Energy. Presence. Love. Spirit. Essence. In the moment awareness.

Ironically, when we can spend time in this space, and maintain the stillness for longer periods, the physical stuff also begins to show up for us. It's almost as if the striving, pushing, longing and needing disappears, and we simply surrender to effortlessly receive the gifts that we've yearned for. And, most importantly, we can find a new appreciation for this life...and we can even see the gifts in our struggles.

Love, Jay

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