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Grief and Joy are closely tied together. I know for those who have experienced grief, it probably doesn't feel that way. In fact, when we are in sorrow, pain, and suffering, it can seem as if joy will never re-enter our lives.

We have all danced with grief and there are plenty of reasons why grief shows up and why it might linger longer than we'd like:

  • We grieve an unfulfilled dream

  • We grieve from heartache and loss

  • We grieve for others that are in pain

  • We grieve for the feeling that our best years have passed

  • We grieve for the state of the world

  • We grieve because we feel that we're missing out

The heaviness of grief can be all encompassing, and for many, seemingly impossible to move through.

If we can find the courage to face it and feel it deeply, it creates freedom and space.

The gift of grief, is that once we acknowledge its presence, the weight begins to lighten. We can then learn to appreciate the flow of goodness, abundance, and gentleness that is waiting for us, just under the surface.

All people have access to a full spectrum of emotions. We don't need to label grief as toxic or negative, but simply a voice that needs to be heard and a part of us that is longing for healing and love.

As I work with people using the Breath, it's clear that everyone carries grief to some degree. And when it's allowed to breathe, the edges soften, and the pressure releases.

Some of us carry more grief, sadness, and despair than others, and that's okay. Part of our journey is to work with what we have. Step by step, we learn to navigate our unique personalities and life experiences, to make the best of it. 

We MUST feel it, to HEAL it!

For most people who are serious about their emotional and spiritual expansion, there is no more going around, numbing, or avoiding. We must go through.

The beauty of Breathwork, is that it shows us physically, and often energetically, where the grief sits in our body. From there, we get to befriend it, nurture it, and make peace. From that place, so many miracles are possible and joyful experiences are closer than we think.

Lots of love,



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