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Where do we go from here? I feel like this is the conversation that so many people are having right now.

I suppose with all of the changes in the world due to Covid etcetera, we've been asking the bigger questions, like, what makes me happy, where do I want to live, how can I use my unique gifts to help others and make money, where do I want to invest my energy, and what do I want the next chapter to look and feel like?

Although it has been challenging for so many people, it's also an awesome time of renewal! We get to re-boot and re-ignite our lives and figure out where we want to go from here.

We do have a choice regarding the direction of our lives, even when we might feel powerless. We are in charge of our thought process and we can, in fact, make important changes. Sometimes the direction doesn't show up when we need it most, but I've learned that it ALWAYS comes as long as we keep asking for guidance, remaining open to new possibilities and saying yes to discomfort and change.

Passion and Purpose are already inside of us like a spark ready to ignite.

There are times when it flickers very lightly in the background or when it feels completely out. But our biggest job in life really, is to figure out what makes this spark ignite into a burning and powerful flame.

Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Who ignites my flame and who puts it out?

  • What creative endeavors light me up and take me out of my head and into the magic of the moment?

  • What repetitive thought patterns continually put out my flame and darken my days?

If we pay close attention, we will quickly realize that we have all the answers we need to live a happy and fulfilling life. But are we brave enough and trusting enough to move in that direction, or is it easier to stay stuck?

Sometimes, simply clearing the internal and eternal clutter is all we need to do, to reconnect with this flame, this purpose, passion, and inspiration. Making space to simply "be" can allow more to flow through you and may actually fuel the fire.

This week, be sure to take time to Breathe, meditate, visualize, rest, and feed your soul with feel-good activities. Also, look at ways to de-clutter and clear your internal and external space.

Life can be FUN, and God knows....we've had enough heaviness for one lifetime.

Can you begin to say yes to the excitement and anticipation of rediscovering your deepest purpose, your "WHY?"

Let's do this!

Love, Jay

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