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I watched an Oprah video this week where she talked about some of the dreams that she carried since childhood, one of which was to be on Broadway. Recently, she was offered a role on Broadway and she turned it down. She had a realization that some of the dreams she held for so long, had changed. What once seemed like the pinnacle of success and accomplishment for her, had eased.

I've had similar feelings recently. Like many of you, I had numerous dreams and ideas about where I wanted my life to go. Over the past couple of years especially, I have let go, relaxed, and lightened my grip on what I thought my life should look like.

When we understand the concept that we'll never get it all done in this lifetime, we can begin to breathe in the here and now and learn to appreciate the present moment, with less rigidity about what we feel we need in order to be happy.

We realize that it would be virtually impossible to get it all done and so we begin to prioritize and focus on what truly matters.

I am all for setting intentions, creating big goals that motivate us, and having a plan, but I've also learned that these goals can be the very cause of our unhappiness...holding us hostage to what might be.

Like Oprah, are you noticing the goals that once inspired you, hold less energy?

Are you feeling called to create a different dream?

Are your priorities shifting?

Perhaps you're even settling into the idea of embracing and loving what is, with less pressure to perform, build, and make something of yourself.

Of course, we could say that it's easy for Oprah to let go, she's accomplished more than most of us combined. But the truth is...

We all have much to be grateful for and to appreciate, regardless of our worldly success and outer achievements.

As we enter 2023, you may want to reflect on some important questions:

  1. What brings me energy, purpose, and passion?

  2. What past dreams did I have that no longer excite me, and I'm willing to let go of?

  3. What can I create this year that not only serves me, but also helps others to expand?

  4. Am I complacent or am I simply content with what is?

  5. If I knew that my life was coming to an end, are there burning desires or dreams that are still calling to me? Places to see? Things to create? Missing pieces?

  6. What is the legacy I'd most like to leave?

  7. Is there anything that I'd regret, if I left this earth today?

  8. How can I bring more love and presence into the here and now?

Sometimes the very act of letting go, brings us magical surprises. It can create space for something even better to show up; something more aligned with the current version of who we are today.

Most of us have been taught to desire bigger, better, and more in order to feel fulfilled. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, is it possible you've seen through the illusion?

I wish for you a year (or a new chapter) filled with NEW dreams come true, even if those dreams feel quiet, and small. As they say, it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it. ;-)

Happy New Year or Happy New Cycle (whenever you're reading this!)!

Love, Jay

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