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A Course In Miracles (ACIM) which is a teaching program for spiritual development, talks about a Miracle being "a shift in perspective from fear to love." It goes on to say that "there is no order of difficulty in Miracles."

Most of us, myself included, were brought up with the idea that a Miracle was some unexpected and magnificent occurrence that cannot be explained in words. A Miracle was thought to be rare and only happened to very few.

But if we take this new approach that Miracles happen when we can shift from living in fear to living in love and that Miracles can be big or small, and that they can occur in our day to day life, then suddenly we begin to find these magical experiences everywhere.

When we begin to expect Miracles to show up in our life, we start to notice more and more evidence of their existence. It seems for me that it's all dependent upon whether I am living in resistance, fear, or heaviness, or if I'm feeling joyful, positive and loving. My vibration can literally bring in more miraculous occurrences, or the lack thereof.

My frustration has always been "how the hell do I shift and stay in this place of LOVE and Miracles, instead of falling back into my programmed fear-based thinking?"

Each of us will find different ways to shift our state and for me Breathwork has been the number one way that not only changed me, but seemingly re-wired my brain and emotions too. The more I spend time in a loving place, the easier life seems to get. And even when bad things happen, I am better able to detach and not be drawn down like I once was.

It all begins with awareness.

Take some time this weekend, grab a journal and pen, and reflect on these questions:

1. If there truly was no order of difficulty in Miracles, what do I REALLY, REALLY want in my life?

2. Where do I feel unworthy of receiving these Miracles? Example; this is too good to be true, or I always struggle so this will never happen, or this only happens to lucky people.

3. Where have I stopped dreaming and believing in Miracles?

4. What small Miracles have taken place over this past week, month, or year? (And remember, sometimes a seemingly negative experience can later be seen as a miracle)

5. What makes me feel good? What daily tasks and creative outlets can I do that raise my vibration? - Spend more time doing that!

6. When do I feel closest to Spirit, God, or Divine Energy?

If I look back on my life, I've experienced PLENTY of Miracles which included synchronicities and chance meetings that lead me in a totally new direction. I often missed them however, because I was too busy focusing on the future or expecting the BIG ones to show up. Miracles, like gratitude, grow as we direct our focus.

Perhaps it's time to open your heart to new possibilities, to look for evidence of their existence, to dream bigger, and say thank you for each and every small Miracle that feels special. Everything from a friend buying you coffee, to an opportunity that came because somebody found you on social media, to having a dream about a friend and then they call the next day. These can all be seen as Miracles. Hey, even our heart beating and lungs breathing are Miraculous too.

Miracles are everywhere.

We just need to open up our Hearts and learn to not only see them, but also to let them in.

Love, Jay

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