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As a sick kid growing up, I remember being tired a lot and often struggled with frequent colds, earaches, allergies and chest infections.

While I am certain now that some of this had to do with my diet and food sensitivities, and that modern medicine would only cover up the problem rather than look at its cause...I am grateful now to get a deeper perspective on what was happening.

I was sad and it began to manifest as illness. We could ask which came first, the emotional struggles or the health issues as they are closely tied together, but one thing I know for sure, is that ALL of our problems, and ALL "issues are in our tissues."

When we aren't well, somewhere, deep down in our system, we are clogged up, misaligned, imbalanced, and holding heavy and negative emotions. Many of us, especially as kids, had no outlet to process our feelings and therefore, the programming began, of stuffing them down and storing up our pain. Eventually, this leads to Dis-Ease in the form of fatigue, physical pain or injury, depression & anxiety, stress and other health challenges.

I believe there are numerous factors at work when it comes to our health and vitality including genetics, lifestyle, environment, spiritual practices, and overall attitude and I don't believe that we are fully responsible for our failing health. That being said, there is MUCH that we can do to improve it and while diet, exercise, and nutrition are big factors, I feel that the most important part is taking care of our emotional and spiritual well-being.

That is why I got hooked on Breathwork! Because it works FAST to unclog, re-balance, re-align, and open up our energy points also known as Chakras, showing us the direct connection to where we hold heavy emotion. From that place, we can allow them to release and dissipate once we understand what they have to tell us, and why they showed up in the first place.

We all have struggles. Some people generally feel better than others while some can barely get through the day. Wherever you're at, I believe this process of deep breathing WILL shift everything. With so many pressures in the world, it's the perfect time to decompress, go deep, and finally deal with the root cause of our challenges. It's gonna take some work, no doubt....but what better focus than your health, wellness, and vitality!

Our body wants to heal. It wants to feel good! We just need something to kick-start that process. Many of us have forgotten what it feels like to FEEL GOOD. It's time for a reminder of what true health and vitality really is.

Love & Vitality,


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