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The Law of Attraction teachings really screwed me up!

Focus on what you really want and tap into how it feels to have that very thing, then watch it show up effortlessly into your life...or something like that!? Sounds simple enough. I even found that it works some of the time. The problem is that when we do manifestation meditations or exercises regularly, and things "don't" go our way, it's easy to beat ourselves up and begin to question our very manifestation skills. "Well, I must not be aligned to the higher vibration, obviously I need to fix that" and similar thoughts fill our mind.

I don't know about you, but I spent my first 50 years trying to FIX something that I felt was broken inside of me. I wasn't receiving the things that I truly wanted, and therefore, I had to push harder to raise my vibration and get into the zone. On and on it went. Talk about exhausting!!!

Even the very process of focusing on what you want, takes us into the future and immediately out of the present.

Magic, miracles, and love happen ONLY in the now!

Only in this moment. Living in our past will bring us recycled experiences over and over and living in the future may cause anxiety and stress. But right here in this moment, all is well.

I'm not suggesting that you stop dreaming and visualizing the life that you want and if it's working for you, then please continue. But if you're like so many others out there, it's possible that the best thing you can do is to simply slow down and bring your awareness to where you Just stop and re-assess and re-align.

Whenever I start to feel stressed or anxious, I STOP and notice my thoughts. Without fail, each and every time, the dis-ease I feel is because I'm thinking about a future event and jumping ahead to my busy day, to-do list, or other goals. That's when I take a breath and get back to whatever I am doing in the moment, immediately noticing the shift and release of resistance within me.

The best thing that we can do is to focus on what makes us feel good. If meditating on winning the lottery or marrying your dream partner brings you energy, then do it. If you find it just another task to sit and visualize, then maybe take a break.

For me, the more I have learned to rest, refuel, and stay centered, the better things seem to get.

The reason why I love Breathwork so much is because it literally gets you so centered and in the moment, that you can feel your cells, your chakras, and your energy shifting, moving, and vibrating. That to me, is TOTAL present moment awareness....a place that holds so many possibilities and endless opportunities.

Nobody said being human was easy and finding the ideal balance that works can be a life-long mission. Just be gentle with yourself, experiment, and do what you can to enjoy the present moment, whether it's breathing, singing, gardening, decorating, cooking, petting your dog, or taking a nap. You got this!

Enjoy this day!

Love, Jay

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