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Jay offers special workshops throughout the year, each with a powerful theme. Often, he shares space with a Soundbath healer to further deepen the experience.


Some themes include “Celebrate Your Worth”, “Ignite Your Mission”, “Financial Flow”, “Awaken To Your Dream Life”, “Manifest Miracles” and more.

What happens in a workshop?

In a workshop, each participant has their own, very unique experience. Jay will have you set an intention at the beginning of the session and will guide you through a powerful, and life-changing session that is done to music. Most often, people lie on yoga mats, and have small pillows, blankets, and an eye pillow for privacy.

Most workshops combine Breathwork with journaling, meditation, sound healing, and other powerful practices that will deepen the healing process even more.


Jay also has CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOPS for private and corporate events based upon a specific theme.

To inquire about these private events CONTACT JAY

What are the benefits of Breathwork?

Breathwork has so many benefits and it can be difficult to put into words the magic that occurs
during a group or private breath session. Some of the numerous benefits include:

  - Detox the body, helping bring in more alkalinity, offsetting acidity.
  - Assist in proper digestion
  - Feeding oxygen to the blood, muscles, organs, and brain
  - Increases physical energy and stamina
  - Boost immunity
  - Improve brain function including memory

  - Release stored up anger, anxiety, depression, and other heavy emotions
  - Releases Oxytocin, the “feel good hormone”
  - Shift into a deeper level of love and forgiveness for yourself and others
  - Let go of past hurts and painful childhood memories

  - Release and heal heaviness from family and ancestral ties
  - Get re-inspired and connect with your inner creativity and bliss
  - Surrender to what is and allow more abundance, flow, and ease
  - Opening and balancing of the chakras

How long does the session last?

What's the energy exchange?

Between USD 35 to USD 50 per person 

Workshops are 90-120 minutes long.

Lisa – Producer

That was…incredible! I was crying, I was laughing…wow! So powerful, I can’t wait to
share this with others.


Kara - Teacher

"It was powerful beyond words!! Tears, tingling, cold, warm, love/peace/forgiveness, self-
love, like I have never known in my life."

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Tel: +1 (323) 474-8484

Palm Springs, CA

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