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A one on one Breathwork session can be done in person, at Jay’s healing space in Hollywood, or online from the comfort of your own home. If you’re doing it from home, make sure to have a quiet space to lie down where you won’t be disturbed. Have a blanket, small pillow, and eye pillow if possible.

Feel free to also include Sage, Palo Santo and essential oils or Chakra Balms®. It’s best to use your computer rather than a phone.

What happens in a 1:1 session?

At the beginning of the session, you and Jay will dig deep to discuss what is happening in your life currently and what you’d like to let go of including blocks, fears, resistance, addictions, and other heavy emotions that may be keeping you stuck. You will also talk about family and relationship dynamics and anything else that is on your mind. You will then be guided through a powerful and life-changing breathing practice and meditation to music where you’ll be able to release and experience energetic shifts that cannot be accessed in any other modality.

What are the benefits of Breathwork?

Breathwork has so many benefits and it can be difficult to put into words the magic that occurs
during a group or private breath session. Some of the numerous benefits include:

  - Detox the body, helping bring in more alkalinity, offsetting acidity.
  - Assist in proper digestion
  - Feeding oxygen to the blood, muscles, organs, and brain
  - Increases physical energy and stamina
  - Boost immunity
  - Improve brain function including memory

  - Release stored up anger, anxiety, depression, and other heavy emotions
  - Releases Oxytocin, the “feel good hormone”
  - Shift into a deeper level of love and forgiveness for yourself and others
  - Let go of past hurts and painful childhood memories

  - Release and heal heaviness from family and ancestral ties
  - Get re-inspired and connect with your inner creativity and bliss
  - Surrender to what is and allow more abundance, flow, and ease
  - Opening and balancing of the chakras

How long does the session last?

Your initial Session is 90 minutes long and subsequent session are 60 minutes.

What's the energy exchange?

USD 350


* 4 Private One-On-One Breathwork Sessions

* Full Set of 7 Chakra Balms™

* Silk BreatheOnIt™ Eye Mask

USD 1111  (valued at USD 1740.00)

Beth C.

"OK...BreatheOnIt...has changed my life. I know...that's a big statement...but it's true.

Before I came to Jay, I had a ton of anxiety and hypochondria. By doing this work, led by the always intuitive, caring, skilled guidance of Jay, I have been able to re-wire my brain away from the fear and into abundance. I have tried years of every book out there...nothing works like this. If you're truly stuck and have tried everything out there...try this. It will work and give you the relief you need."


Kim – Photographer

"I got so much out of the hour with you. I have been to classes, therapists, and watched so many youtube videos but never have I felt anything or resolved anything like I did today!"

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Tel: +1 (323) 474-8484

Palm Springs, CA

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