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Have you ever questioned what the Universe has planned for you? Do you often feel like it has a mind of its own, and that it seems to override all of your plans, goals, and intentions?

What I am seeing more and more with people that I work with and in my own life, is a new way of being. This energy of letting go, trusting, and having FULL faith that God, The Universe, Our Guides, actually have our back and that if we would allow it, we'd be directed some place far better than we imagined. And sometimes, this feels like a detour or a delay. In actuality, if we relax, it may be the fastest route to our desired destination.

I had this experience over the holidays. I bought a new house! I'll be moving from Los Angeles to the Palm Springs area at the end of January. I had been open to the idea of living in the desert because my dear friend lives out that way and the homes are less expensive than in Los Angeles. But I have to be honest, I never really saw myself living there. I don't like the heat, it's quiet there and I love the city vibe including museums, lounges, and shopping and I still have so many unfulfilled "Hollywood" dreams.

In the beginning, the idea of moving away from LA felt like a if I had given up on my dream vision for my life. I felt that I'd be settling for something less than desirable. But as I allowed the idea to sink in, and as I walked through my new, peaceful backyard with a lemon and grapefruit tree, birds chirping their meditative sounds, and acknowledging the idea of having a home all to myself, I began to feel a sense of calm.

The truth is, I REALLY liked this house a lot! I wouldn't be paying exorbitant rent and I would get some well deserved rest and relaxation, away from the frenetic energy of Covid, LA, and the hustle of having to work so hard just to pay high monthly expenses.

Ironically, I could breathe.

This all occurred because I surrendered more and more last year. I gave up pushing so hard, I dropped into "doing" less and "being" more, and began to put my trust in the Universe to take me where it wanted me to go. I allowed it to show me the way, rather than control the journey, and to take inspired action only.

Now wouldn't it be wonderful if this move precipitates ALL of the other things that I desire including more abundance, a loving partner, and freedom to paint, create, and allow inspiration to flow? What if this very change was exactly what I needed to open the channels and shift into a new level of awareness? I certainly feel the buzz of new energy in my body, mind, and spirit and it feels good!

Perhaps you can ask yourself similar questions. Where can I let go? How can I begin to trust more in the Higher plan for my life? Who would I be if I didn't work so hard and could just "allow" life to flow towards me? What if I only took inspired action from now on rather than forcing, pushing, or overcompensating?

What feels like a detour, may actually be the FASTEST route to a life better than you ever dreamed. To be continued.....Breathe THAT in! ;-)

Lots & Surrender, Jay

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