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Breathwork is the term used for a conscious breathing practice which helps people to get centered, to release old patterns, thoughts, and behaviors, and to re-balance their body, mind and spirit. 


Watch the video below to learn more about Breathwork:

Much research has been done to show that a regular Breathwork practice can literally re-wire your brain, assist you in letting go of old patterns and addictions, releasing heavy emotion, along with energetically shifting you into a state of more love, gratitude, compassion, and presence.

Many people find it difficult to meditate making Breathwork the ideal practice for them. It is a very active and physical modality which involves inhales and exhales through the mouth. The first inhale is done in the belly, the second, in the chest. This circular rhythm, done to music, is the most healing experience that you will ever have. 


During a Breathwork practice, numerous feel-good chemicals are released into the brain including Oxytocin, Endorphins, and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). People often experience out of body sensations where they are able to disconnect from the physical body, painful stories, and their attachment to the constant push to achieve…allowing a more blissful, and peaceful energy of surrender.


From this state, people are able to achieve more in their life with less effort and stress.


I’m your client from now on! That was the BEST spiritual experience in my life. I tried
quite a few things but your class hit the rock man! I am so glad I met you. You are an
amazing person with amazing energy.

Dave - Singer






I grew up in a small town in Canada called Thunder Bay. I was an extra sensitive kid, which led to constant bullying and physical attacks from Kindergarten to high school.


I learned to hide who I was and slowly put layers of protection up in order to fit in and, at the very least, to survive. Knowing I was gay didn’t help matters, so I worked even harder to hide the truth. I used overspending, sex, sleep, coffee, and perfectionism to numb out.


However, the pain prompted me to begin a spiritual and emotional journey, which I've been on for over 30 years. I began to understand that my lack of self-love, self-worth, and the shame I felt for simply being me had taken over and that it would require work to remember who I really was. 


Since then, I’ve worn many hats. I have worked as a model and actor, catering manager, fitness trainer, health & wellness coach, Reiki master, hypnotist, and massage therapist. Meanwhile, I have experienced numerous healing modalities in my search to reconnect with my center. 


Then an invite to a small Breathwork group completely changed my life! It was as if I had released a lifetime of pain, shame, fear, self-loathing and grief in one session! I was blown away and also, completely hooked. I quickly made my life mission to learn more about Breathwork, and then share this unbelievable healing modality with as many people as I could.


What inspires me the most is when I can help somebody to speed up their transformation from pain to freedom, to resurrect their life, and to remember who they truly are! My mission is to reconnect people with their inner power and purpose so they can get busy living the life that they deserve!

"If you are ready to move through resistance, shift your perspective and bring in more love, you are in the right place with Jay. Jay is authentic, loving, and guides you each session to bring in exactly what you need. You will carry your positive energetic shift with you after each session. If you have ailments in your physical body, mind, or spirit, or simply want to bring in more joy, I can't stress enough how Breathwork with Jay will open your heart to receiving exactly what you need.

Thank you Jay...You are a blessing to me."   

Katherine K.


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