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Over the years people would tell me "happiness is a choice" or "everything in your life is a direct manifestation of your beliefs." I wanted to smack them! Easy for them to say, I thought, but they don't know my story, my thoughts, or my struggles. If they lived in my head, they wouldn't be saying that. I was certain that It wasn't as easy as a simple choice and I had plenty of facts to back that up.

Fast forward years later. Each morning, I consciously DECIDE that I'm going to look for reasons to focus on gratitude and joy, and I put energy into squeezing the juice out of my life. But I'll be honest, it takes a whole lot of work and awareness to remain in this zone.

Why would we work so hard at something that doesn't always come naturally? Why put energy into consciously choosing our thoughts? For one, because we deserve to be happy, excited, and enthused about life. And the more we choose gratitude, and positivity, the better we feel! And the longer we do it, the easier it gets.

We can literally re-program our subconscious minds.

I'm now learning what I should have been taught in school 45 years ago...that happiness doesn't just happen. This is especially so for those of us who struggle with depression, pessimism, or negative programming. But just like ALL programs, they each have a channel. We simply need to change that channel and regularly and consistently begin to watch something else.

If you feel as if life is happening to you and not for you, please take a deeper look. Even the very worst of experiences have profound and lasting meaning and they are opportunities for expansion. When we can dig deep and choose an "attitude of gratitude" for what is, and when we put feeling good as our most important job of the day, then important and lasting shifts begin to happen.

We regain hope. We start to dream again, and we sit back and watch as miracles, people, and opportunities begin to show up for us. Life becomes more effortless. And we begin to have fun again.

The better it gets, the better it gets.

I'll have plenty of practical tips and tools over the next few months but for now ask yourself:

  • Have I had enough of my old story?

  • Am I ready to tell a new one?

  • Can I commit to a daily practice of living more consciously?

  • If happiness is a choice, what's getting in the way of me CHOOSING IT?

Ready to smack me yet? ;-)

Love, Jay

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