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Jay is the creator of Chakra Balms® . They are hand-blended and customized balms to help you to balance the 7 main energy points within your body.

The chakras are spiritual energy centers that can become unbalanced due to stress, fear, anger, guilt, shame, and grief.

Each Balm contains over 100 drops of a custom essential oil blend, specifically focused for each Chakra.

Available on all over the world

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Transform your life in just twelve weeks with author Jay Bradley's inspiring book 


It is possible to take charge of our own destinies, and Jay wants to help make that possible by showing you how to LIVE longer, LOOK younger, and FEEL better!

A comprehensive look at what makes our bodies and minds tick — and how to keep them younger for longer — LIVE, LOOK, FEEL can help you start improving yourself in every!

Available on AMAZON all over the world

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The 12-Week Guide to Live Longer,

Look Younger & Feel Better!

by Jay Bradley

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