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A friend sent me this Zen Proverb earlier in the week and I thought that it would be the perfect theme for this week's message and Breathwork class.

On a Spiritual level, we all understand that our biggest lessons, challenges, and obstacles are here to teach us so that we can expand and grow. But sometimes we just wanna say F#@% right off! Enough with the damn learning....just open the path to more freedom, ease, and flow please! ;-)

But the truth is, without the darkness, there cannot be light.

And without experiencing what we DON'T want, it's hard to enjoy what we DO. So in many ways, this contrast can be a blessing. And the more we learn to tap into our biggest challenges, decipher what they have to teach us, shift our perspective, and find techniques and tools to release their grip on us, we really can begin to relax and enjoy our life more.

Even if it's taken you years, repeating the same patterns over and over again, there is hope. And if you take an honest look at your life, you will be able to see just how far you've already come. Sure, maybe you still struggle or fall into the same cycles, but I am positive, if you've been focused on personal growth long enough, you HAVE made huge progress.

When we can fix our gaze on how far we've come and how many obstacles we've overcome, instead of what's still in our way, everything begins to change. With patience, a consistent Spiritual routine, and some practice, we get better and better at being non-reactive...sometimes even learning to laugh at our obstacles...and possibly even making friends, saying "oh hey, there you are again!"

If we can acknowledge one truth, I believe life would be easier. The truth is that life may always offer us challenges and hurdles, and perhaps this is just part of our human story. It's our reaction to those experiences that decides whether we have ease and flow, or stress and unhappiness.

If there is one thing that Breathwork has taught me, it's to become an observer of the drama that is my life. To watch, notice, and witness and then learn to re-write the script in a way that feels good to me. Sometimes we just get tired of telling the same pain stories over and over again, and we understand on a deep level that yes, the obstacle is the path, but that also means there IS a path ahead, just beyond the roadblock.

I've been in the middle of some emotional obstacles this week, including boredom and loneliness. It has felt heavy, isolating, and draining. But if there is one thing that I have learned, it's to love myself through it, be gentle, and know that this too shall pass. And thankfully, I awoke today feeling refreshed, inspired, and happy. We really can leap over these hurdles faster and with more ease, once we simply acknowledge their presence.

Hopefully we can all remember that flowing water, an open road, and more joy is available just on the other side.

Maybe this is just life. And please don't forget, we're in this together.

Love, Jay

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