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Older and wiser, that's how many of us describe aging. And while we are certainly filled with life experience, we often have mixed feelings about getting older.

Gray hair, wrinkles, aches and pains, and other shifts, can cause us to freak out, even though, we understand it's an inevitable process.

This year it all began to hit me. Mid life. I won't lie, some parts of it did in fact feel like a crisis. Questions about where I'm at, where I'm going, pressures to achieve, unfulfilled dreams, and stepping into a radical acceptance of what is. And that includes the fact that my body is beginning to change, even though I do my best to keep it all together.

While I have always been one to applaud taking steps to look and feel our best, and even to fight the aging process at times, where do we draw the line? How do we embrace getting older with love and acceptance, while still being proactive to turn back the clock, if we choose?

Our body like everything else, is energy.

The thoughts that we think, and the words that we speak to ourselves when we look in the mirror, become the most important messengers that we have. Our cells literally respond in unison.

The more that we say "I'm tired" or "getting old sucks" the more it becomes true. The more we focus on what's not looking good, the bigger the problem becomes. While being truthful is important, and not pretending to be great when we're not, finding a middle ground of acknowledging where we're afraid, and not allowing it to take over, is key.

The beauty of reversing the inner clock by accessing our cellular energy system, is that we can begin to relax our body and minds, so that we can let go, accept, and be good with what is. Science has shown that we can gradually re-wire our nervous system through breath and meditation allowing us to move from judgment to stillness. From that place, we make inspired decisions that feel good and we're intuitively guided. If we decide to take proactive steps to change our diet, have cosmetic procedures, or up our workout routine for example, we do so from a loving perspective instead of a place of grasping desperation.

We all want to look and feel our best, and none of us want to deteriorate. The beauty is that we do have much control over how we age since lifestyle plays more of a role than genetics.

We have a choice to put energy and thoughts into declining with age, or we can do our best to tell a different story.

It all starts with words, thoughts, emotions, visualization, and breath.

I invite you to BREATHE into a new energy. Going on a deep inward journey to make contact with your very cells, and energy system. One session is a great start toward feeling more aligned, balanced, and in love with your body, your appearance, your mind, and your whole being!

Youthful aging at its best. Learning to love your reflection.

Love, Jay


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